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i think we have an emergency.

Sir Hokus of Pokes
judd. 23. dumb boy.
"Books! And cleverness!
There are more important things--friendship, and bravery--"
Oh, Hermione.

I'm picky. I make friends really easily. I hate my job, but who doesn't? I wish I had more time to read, write, take pictures, do something. I'm losing my touch. I started smoking. I try really hard to not let people down. Sometimes I do. I skip class when I know I shouldn't. I make mistakes a lot, especially when I do something impulsive. It happens more than I want it to, but it's okay. I bring it on myself, and I kind of like it that way. I miss things a lot and think about what's already happened way too much. I haven't realized a lot about anything yet. I'm not totally grown up, anyway. I like to talk about myself.
Things are still all messy and up in the air, but I’m not ready to settle them. My comfort zone was getting bigger by the minute. My threshold for drama was bumping out. It was time to keep pushing the envelope. It felt like I could do anything, and I was only getting started.

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